Do Learning | Faith Like a Blanket – Episode 9: Faith like Jurayj
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Faith Like a Blanket – Episode 9: Faith like Jurayj

Welcome to the “Faith like a Blanket series”, Ramadan Podcasts (1440/2019) with Muallimah Farzanah Adam.
These podcasts, recorded especially for the month of Ramadan, are not solely focused on elements and virtues of the holy month. They are a way for the Do Learning community to feel connected daily over the blessed month, over and above our weekly study circles. A lot of the time the podcasts will merely revise or reiterate what we’ve studied in-depth already.
Our theme this year is titled: “FAITH LIKE A BLANKET”.
As a “blanket” would connote, the intention is to share and discuss the ways in which our faith—ISLAM— warms us; protects us; guards us; comforts us; and nurtures us, even if the texture, presentation, and threads could feel a bit prickly and overwhelming, or just too heavy or light sometimes. Ultimately, our faith, with all her colourful and multi-dimensional threads is the most comfortable home. 
Nasheed credits: Siedd – Ya Maulana. Vocals only Sabyan cover.
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