Do Learning | Lessons from Surah Ahzab – Introduction
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Lessons from Surah Ahzab – Introduction

Welcome to the Do Learning annual series of Ramadan podcasts for the year (1441H/2020) with Muallimah Farzanah Adam.

This year we look at: Lessons from Surah Ahzab (The Confederates/The Joined Forces) which is surah 33 in the Holy Quran, found over Juz 21 and 22.

Over 4 weeks, with 4 podcasts, 4 themes encapsulated by events in the Surah will be discussed:

Week 1: Fear

Week 2: Propaganda

Week 3: Choices

Week 4: Salvation.

To catch up on previous series refer to under the podcast tab.

Thank you for joining us.

LEGO Photo by Mark of Falworth on flickr.

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