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‘Jazakallahu khair for the really excellent morning.’
Sumayya, Hajj morning 2017


My dear sister
‘lhumdulillah. Allah bless you always, protect you and reward you for inspiring me to His pleasure.’
Gulshan, Wednesday halaqa


Eid Mubarak Beloved Apa Farzanah

‘May Allah reward Apa’s inspiration, motivation and teaching and make it weigh heavy on her scale of good deeds on the day of Qiyaamah.’
Nasima, Thursday halaqa


‘Maseeha was very impressed with December’s prep n prime class and wants to attend Aapa s future classes. She starts campus soon and may not make it for the weekly tafseer class. Please do remember us if aapa is planning any once off courses in the future.
Zakira, Summer school, 2016


‘Meant to tell Apa I was so happy to hear apa stress the importance of Al Aqsa in class today.It’s my dua that الله grant every Muslim the knowledge of its importance, the desire and opportunity to go there.’
Naseema, Thursday halaqa


‘JazakAllah I thoroughly enjoyed your lessons. MashAllah was very inspiring. Mum and Atiyah as well.’
Shereen, Thursday halaqa & summer school


‘Thank you so much u r lyk my mother to me.’
Ayesha, revert classes


‘I only finished exams today so I couldn’t make it to come yesterday and today. May I come just for tomorrow and Thursday?’
Naseerah, university halaqa & summer school


‘Often wish i lived in durban to be able to attend your classes. Its a struggle to find someone with whom you have a good rapport. Apa take care and hope to meet you soon ia.’
Safiya, online class


‘What happens if I miscalculated the 10th day of my period? I thought 10 days was on the 11th but it was on the 12th. I started salaah from Asr time and then fasted the next day. Please assist.’
Sumayya, Tuesday halaqa


‘Apa I wanted to run something past u, I’m current in my haiz, my cycle is very short this month, wanted to know can I make a ghusl bath tomorrow after sehri (when I get up later in the morn) and keep the fast or do I have to make ghusal before sehri in order for the fast to be valid?’
Hawa, Thursday halaqa


‘Wanted to share some wonderful news with you. I’m elated. A month ago my 2nd helper (temp) took shahadah with me.’
Raziya, Thursday halaqa


‘Dear Sh. Farzana,
I’ve been stumped by a very blunt set of questions for the past few years which many can’t answer to me (or blacklist me for asking when I probe further than their dawah-bytes), so I’m asking for your honest personal opinion as opposed to any “perfect answers”.’
Razan, via the online blog


‘Slms Apa Farzanah
I attended your course at Al Falaah last year and was so inspired.
I wanted to know when you will be starting your taleem class. I wish to attend.
JazakAllah khair


‘I wanted to thank you for the lesson that you gave,  Alhamdulillah throughout hajj I referenced back to it in my mind and it was really they most spiritually uplifting thing, there was so much depth to everything we did and I appreciated it so much. Jazak Allah. I wouldn’t have found that without your help.’
Yumna, Hajj morning 2019


‘Thank you again for sharing this knowledge with our boys. They said they were so comfortable and they learnt a lot and you spoilt them with pizza and doughnuts.’
Fathima, Shabaab One, 2019